Current Projects (2020 – current)

These are some of the projects I am working on.
The projects below are bigger projects than the projects I am usually working on.

Some projects are called: Project[Letter] because the names and designs are not final so the end product might end up not fitting the name given at the start of the project.

ProjectA – Horror Game

The Game:

This is a game where the player has to complete stories written in books by playing the game.
Each small campaign story has its own book with different stories and art styles.


The choice to have multiple short stories allows me to easily add more stories / future updates and to show creativity by having different art styles and gameplay features for each story.

The Project:

The game will be made with the unity high definition render pipeline.

ProjectB – Top Down Shooter

The Game:

ProjectB will be a fast paste top down shooter where you have to fight waves of enemies.
The high scores will be saved on steam with the Steamworks api.


Each planet has its own difficulty and enemies.
Every world has an different visual style fitting the planet.

Unity Presets


Unity Presets is a project made to help developers develop/test and make games faster.
The projects conains multiple scripts and tools that can be used in Unity.
All the content made in this project is free to use.

Content:       (github) (github HDRP)

The project will receive constant updates and with new content.
Every time I learn something new I will try to write scripts/tools that can be used by other developers.